Selections from Canterbury Tales

Heather Ordover
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The Canterbury Tales comprise some of the most important stories ever put down on paper—not because they're so earthshatteringly brilliant or unique, but because when taken as a whole, they give us a window into life across the classes during a time where we really don't have much other data to look at. It makes it clear how much—and how little—we've changed in 624 years.

Captured here with the sonorous voice of the late Jon Scholes, we offer annotated-audio of the Prologue, the Knight's Tale, and the bawdy Miller's Tale.

Should we ever be lucky enough to find another voice as marvelous as Jon's, we'll have more tales for you. Until then, please enjoy what we have.

Digital Download

There are four files here, one huge zip of all the audio, or single zip files for each segment (Prologue, Knight, Miller) so you can choose which is easiest to download based on your bandwidth.

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Selections from Canterbury Tales

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